Morro Jable Marina

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Morro Jable Marina

Post by MermaidK8 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:51 pm

Just on the other side of the Morro Jable Harbour, is a large and relatively quiet Marina area. In the left hand corner, depending on the tide, is a small sand beach, that is often frequented by locals. To get there walk down past the turtle sanctuary, behind the boats in the yard.

It is quite shallow and the visibility is OK, but not as good as you´d expect.

The one big thing, is that you get to swim with pretty large RAYS :o . There are at least 6 that live in the harbour, some very large, some quite young. Just keep your eyes open and be aware of your positioning a sandnd hands in the water (don´t want any Irwin-esque events here....).

There are also plenty of mullet and shoals of smaller fish and whitebait. I am sure there is flat fish given the sandy bottom but to be honest, after they ray, I was a bit blind-sighted.

(I do plan to give this location another go, so if I see much else, I will come back and let you know)