Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

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Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Post by glitterball » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:12 pm

This place is great for snorkelling with huge rays - there are some rocks to the right as you swim out from the beach that shelter some parrot fish, damsels, breams and shoals of small fish, but the rays are the real attraction.
Get into the water in front of the Restaurante Laja (at the far west of Playa de la Cebada) and follow an old broken pipe out - keeping an eye out for the excursion catamarans and sunset cruises that like to moor in this area.

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Re: Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Post by MermaidK8 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:28 pm

If you swim out even further to the right, heading towards the outside walls of the harbour, you can see some pretty large needlefish, peacock wrasse along with plenty of damsel fish, Salema, Bogue and the usual flat fish and rocky gobby. There are also plenty of schools of young fish/ fry (because of proximity to the harbour there are plenty of mullet too).

A few excursion boats stop here, as well as closer to the old town restaurants, so keep your eyes open as I nearly hit my head on a boat one day.

I've never followed the outside of the harbour wall as there can be a strong current and it takes a while to swim back to the beach in front of Restaurant Laja; but hope to try another time.

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Re: Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Post by FuerteventuraGuide » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:47 pm

Loads to see at Playa de la Cebada - swim out towards the Catatrips Catamaran when it moors up at around 12.30. They normally clean the fresh fish that they prepare onboard for their guests, which in-turn attracts some scavenging (and enormous) Round Fantail Stingrays. If you are really lucky, you may even see sea turtles there too.

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