Playa de Las Coloradas de Morro Jable

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Playa de Las Coloradas de Morro Jable

Post by MermaidK8 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:40 pm

The beach of Las Coloradas is just the other side of the harbour in Morro Jable, but is often overlooked, especially by tourists. The beach seems to be only visited by locals and in the winter months you can often have it completely to yourself. If you do encounter tourists, they are likely to be nudists, enjoying a quiet day away from the crowd.
(A fence was erected a few months ago - supposedly to stop people from entering the beach due to rock falls - it didn´t take long before part of the fence was bent open - and every time it gets re-fenced, it is bent open again, within a few days). SO..... don´t hang out under the rocks - as much as you may want shade - you also want your head.....

Walk down to the far end of the beach, past the mound of sand, as this is the best place to start your snorkel from. Head out on your snorkel, keeping to the far end of the bay, but be careful venturing too far out (as there can be some quite strong currents over the shallow reef, I´ve had to fight my way back on one occasion as I´d been in the water for quite a while).

The snorkel starts of with light coloured sand, then hits rocky reefs with various channels. If you venture further around the headland the reef is quite shallow, but the current does move a lot faster over this section. I usually swim out with the edge of the reef on my right hand side, as it helps me to keep my bearings.

Spotted: moray eels, damsel fish, ornate wrasse , blenny & goby fish, various bream, parrot fish and tapaculos (small flat fish) in sandy bottomed areas. Mostly small and quantity depends on tide, visibilty and luck I guess, as I´ve had great days here and OK-ish days.
Snorkel window : IMHO from March - November (AND I use a wetsuit unless its between mid June - mid Oct when bikini is just fine.)
Visibility: from 10-25m usually
Tip: Don´t attempt getting in or out of the water when the ferries are arriving or departing as this results in a few large waves - enough to knock you off your feet at times.

I have tried snorkelling close to the outside wall of the marina, as this usually results in a decent amount of small fish life, but the one occasion I did, there was very little to see other than one ginormous grouper (I think) that both my partner and I saw for around 2 seconds, before it darted back into the blue.