The Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia (except New Zealand and New Guinea).
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This section is part of the marine park. (dont go to Murri - its not as good - smelly!)

AMAZING Coral!!! parrotfish, clownfish boxfish, angel fish, pufferfish, star fish, loads of sea cucumbers, bluefin trevally, moray eels, turtles (I heard you can see small whitetip reef sharks - but unfortunately we didn´t).

Current can be a bit strong, we had fins, so we were OK, but others without seemed to struggle towards the end of their snorkel trip.

Everyone keeps talking about coral shoes/booties but I think its best to go au-natural if you aren´t wearing fins as despite being told not to, people who are perhaps less comfortable, do stand on the coral :evil: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :evil:

In fairness, it doesn´t seem to matter where you go, the underwater world of Rarotonga is pretty darn spectacular. From a snorkelling perspective you won´t be disappointed (unless the weather isn´t on your side, as this can affect the visibility).[googlemap][/googlemap]